I like clarity. I like to know the answer. I like truth, even if it’s just my own.


In a recent conversation with Chef, it dawned on me (actually, she flat out suggested) that I should define “food” and “eatingatme” in relation to this blog. Command of a language enriches the conversation and stuff.

Yes, Chef. Per your request:

Food: That which nourishes any component of your being.

Eatingatme: That thing that doesn’t go away with time, get better with some rest, or quiet with a car ride and a bottle.

Either of the above can be of the psyche (mental, emotional, spiritual) or physical. It can be any person, place, or thing. These definitions are broad intentionally.

‘kay. What next? Well, I plan on continuing to use this platform to share my genius but I hope that over time it becomes a home for some gritty chitchat. Celebration. Bitchin’ ‘n moanin’. Brain dumping. Honestly, I’m exceedingly bored with my own thoughts; your contribution is the party where this blog will get interesting.