A Great Gift

There’s little I find more mundane than creating my own bio. I welcome writing them for others but when asked to submit mine for a project, I whine. Unfortunately, it was time to tackle this bitch for eatingatme. Taking a lesson from my development this year in reaching out for help, I texted my lifelong […]

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Tonight, my tough yet tender heart’s clawing at a future that’s veiled opaquely by obscurity. Translation: Time to tighten my what, when, why, and how. At least I know I’m the who. #eatingatme

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I just need something other than my previous post to be the first thing I see on eatingatme. I’m sure y’all get it.

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Thanks, Keith…

I don’t have details as of yet, but I’m left to assume you committed suicide. Well, that’s shit for timing. We had tickets to see Beats Antique tonight at The Music Box, and I was SO EXCITED (but I wasn’t going to let you know that because I’m still upset with you for breaking my […]

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Just A Post

Welcome back. It’s taking me a minute to get into this post. 2018’s been a metamorphic year. Raw, mind melting, and deliciously heartbreaking. It’s been fucking magical and has left zero room for anything that feels forced, my writing particularly. I love this blog and care little that its purpose has never been clearly defined […]

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Greetings from The Mezzanine

Y’all, there’s no business like show business. In theater, the best seat in the house is based on one’s opinion; it depends on the experience of the performance which one seeks. It’s commonly assumed that a center orchestra seat is prime real estate because of the exorbitant ticket price and the ability to bathe in […]

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Piece On Peace

It’s nearly four months since we’ve connected. Hello, beautiful. We’re heavy with thought and emotion these days, aren’t we? Sinking into quicksand with: health, home, heartbreak; family, politics, finances; future, injustice; career; and society assisting in the push. Some days, I’m at the end of my rope. Others provide more lead with which to pull […]

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Here’s what you (the reader) and me (the author) know about me (the narcissist) after 4+ years of ingesting eatingatme content: I’m consistently inconsistent. I’m often unsettled but work diligently to live a positive life. I over think. Some may say I over share. (Fuck you, haters.) My potty mouth’s a passion. So’s my sarcasm. […]

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