Music’s my kryptonite. Performers, audiophiles, composers, and band geeks hold serious power in my universe.

A solid mix tape’s been known to blow back my red cape and steam up my glassy heart. My ideal evening with a fellow nerd includes copious amounts of album listening (loudly) and analysis of lyrics, melody, mood, and memories. Bonus if there’s tacos and whiskey.

For as profoundly as music summons my past and grounds my present, I’ve discovered recently its significance in creating my future. When I fantasize about career achievements and personal accomplishments, what’s my elevator music and that which blares throughout my restored craftsman bungalow? Manifestation’s challenging enough; might as well make it sound good.

Sliding into Valentine’s Day weekend, I’m curating my list of music musts for home, car, and space in between. A healthy balance of stuff that fluffs the air and spins some serious mood. Never know what to expect; it’s the future after all.

Have some suggestions? Please comment. I’m open to anything, as long as it doesn’t suck.

More to come. #eatingatme

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