On Balance.

Instagram: @the_real_iman

The universe enjoys posting prompts at the oddest times and in the quirkiest places to elicit reflection. This morning’s no exception; my inbox and Instagram feed slapped me silly with thought.

I’m the consummate late bloomer. My mother took pleasure in reminding me of this (I assume because she knew it’d serve me well, ultimately). My close friends lovingly tease me about it. In my pursuit this year to grow where I’m planted, it dawned on me: it’s okay to take care of yourself and be of service to others. They’re not mutually exclusive.  

For decades, I normalized the chaos of my “me versus them” mentality because it’s all I knew to do. Peace, calm, intention? I didn’t comprehend this trifecta. Kindness, compassion, empathy? My cup runneth over not with these virtues. 

Spontaneity’s a thing for me. For as much as it’s kickstarted beauty and magic in my world, it’s also led to frustrating distraction, unfulfilled aspirations, and hurt. As a result, I went into this year focused on establishing balance with reasoned velocity. Happily, I’m coming out of the tornado of 2020 still capturing spontaneity but also embracing consideration and appreciation for others.

I’m far from figuring it all out. In fact, I look forward to sharing in the upcoming months the stories of those who’ve played an impactful role in guiding me toward brighter light, one murky dive bar at a time. Presenting the artists whose work fires my synapses. Exploring what’s feeding and eating at us. Discussing my journey as a child of a chronically ill parent; an adult who identifies closely with Louise Belcher; and a writer who isn’t sure what to say.

More to come.


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