Piece On Peace


It’s nearly four months since we’ve connected.

Hello, beautiful.

We’re heavy with thought and emotion these days, aren’t we?

Sinking into quicksand with:

health, home, heartbreak;

family, politics, finances;

future, injustice;


and society assisting in the push.

Some days, I’m at the end of my rope. Others provide more lead with which to pull myself up.

I have concerns, deeply personal and also on a broader scale. However, unpacking the content of my weighty knapsack isn’t my focus at the moment. Today, I focused on four goals:

  1. Using my brain;
  2. Sharing my heart;
  3. Giving thanks; and
  4. Helping others.

Because in order for me to make long-term, far-reaching impact, I must start close to home, close to the vest…close. Calmly.

I must create and sustain peace here, where I currently stand.

So I have.

Today, I hope you found beauty in life’s imperfections and occasions to laugh until you hiccup.

I hope you found some peace.

For me, it’s made all the difference for my tomorrow.

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