Why I Adore Danielle LaPorte


Allow me to begin by stating that I don’t know Danielle LaPorte personally nor have I ever met her. I was first introduced to her “brand” when she and her former business partner were creating “Style Statements” for self seekers, a few of whom I knew. I dug what I observed of her; she was punk rock, smart, self aware, and snarky. Most importantly, she was intensely honest.

Fast forward several years to when my existential crisis was fully actualized and I was somewhere in between simply losing my groove and completely losing my mind. It was in this gap where I realized that the only way to placate my anxious soul was to write, whether that provided income or not, whether anyone read my stuff or not. But I didn’t know how to do THAT. Write…just because? I didn’t think my well being and happiness were worth enough to play a game I enjoyed. Isn’t life only supposed to be about sacrifice and non-stop challenge?

I wasn’t unfamiliar with self-help hullabaloo. Years prior I drank the Kool-Aid of Landmark Education and was a firm believer in Julia Cameron’s THE ARTIST’S WAY; I received value from both. But I’m an Irish Catholic broad from Buffalo who studied philosophy and theology in undergraduate school…you know, the real stuff.

Then I ran head-first into Danielle’s THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS. This orange coaching bible – much like Danielle – was different. It put my all-too-real life issues into blocks I could build upon. It made my crazy idea of being a writer not so loony.

Read. This. Now.

I’ve recommended this book time and again to burgeoning entrepreneurs, creatives of all kinds, those looking for a way out and up, friends who really love the color orange…

I’m recommending it to you now.

And while you’re at it, stop by Danielle’s shop. She has all sorts of terrific products. If you know me you know I’m a #TruthBomb addict; you should sign up to have them dropped in your Inbox daily. I consider them a caring kick in the ass.

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