There’s Only Room For One


I’m just one of many at this moment celebrating Bowie’s extraterrestrial light with tears and a martini. I’m kicking off with Hunky Dory, extended because I’ve replayed “Oh! You Pretty Things”, “Kooks”, and “Queen Bitch” several times each.

You know these moments in history are inevitable but you can’t quite anticipate the heartbreak. A world without Bowie inventing, without showing us all how it’s done? Fuck that.

Age and convention were irrelevant to him. He was the man who gave no fucks because Bowie truly was the man who fell to earth.

He was my idol, my hero, my aesthetic everything. I never made a move without his music accompanying me.

I’m just one of many on this planet, at this moment, celebrating David Bowie. In my world, however, there was only room for one.

Rest in peace, sir.

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