Thank You, Sweden (Quick ‘n Dirty)

IMG_5928There’s a plethora of stuff to share about Sweden but as I close out January 1 (well in to January 2), I just want to post a quick “Hej, Sweden, Hej!” to get the ball rolling. The following doesn’t take much real estate for explanation:

1. Swedes are obsessively punctual. I’m not punctual, obsessively or otherwise. I want to be welcomed back for a visit this summer, so…my ass has been on time the past (almost) eight weeks. Hej!

2. Shoes are left at the door. It’s bare feet, socks, or slippers for (almost) every home I’ve visited. I’m a team player, in desperate need of a pedicure, and it’s fucking winter right now, so…socks it is. Hej hej!

3. Zoegas Kaffe is served EVERYWHERE in my neck of the woods. From gas stations to fine dining. Helsingborg’s caffeinated darling is my favorite coffee, so…hej hej hej!

Okay. Godnatt.

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