Pause-Breathe-Fist Pump. Welcome 2016.


2015 has been one hell of a year; I’m pretty stoked about its comings and goings, ups and downs, lessons and celebrations. I have no interest in setting unrealistic resolutions for 2016 that I won’t remember come Monday. I’m far more interested in continuing the good juju of 2015 and setting some hard-fast rules for life. Shit I’ll adhere to when I’m 90.

The following will be printed, lacquered, and framed for reference no matter where I wander:

I’M NOT SOMEONE’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET. I’m not just speaking specifically to romantic partnerships. I’ve experienced too many personal and professional relationships that, when it’s time to step up and be a friend, have conveniently evaporated, leaving a cloud of confusion on my end. I’m clear that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and with this I’m 100% ecstatic; I don’t want to be. However, we’re either cool or we’re not. End of story.

APOLOGIZE AS SOON AS I FUCK UP AND STOP APOLOGIZING FOR SHIT THAT HAPPENED YEARS AGO. I have an awful time owning up to my mistakes because, in my head, I’m perfect. I have a seriously healthy ego. I spent much of 2015 working through this to avoid continually hurting others around me. However, I’ve wasted a lot of time over-apologizing for crap that happened years ago, decades ago. Time to move on and do better.

TAKE ACTION. I love to ponder, to think things through. I’m all for sitting quietly without distraction to work it out but then I must act. I’m done with lots of talk, little action.

DANCE MY ASS OFF. Once a dancer, always a dancer. I love to move. Whether it’s in a studio or my living room, I’m gettin’ my groove on; it unleashes a beast that I respect. (I have to remember that looking like an idiot is just fine. I’m not auditioning for Paul Taylor Dance Company or American Ballet Theatre.)

PAUSE. BREATHE. FIST PUMP. My emotions run deep and this is often distracting. In 2015, I instituted the pause-breathe-fist pump method to move me through to clarity: 1. Pause to stop the whirlwind in my head; 2. Breathe through the emotion that ensues until I’m calm; 3. Fist pump because I’ve got this, motherfucker. Works like a charm.

MAINTAIN FAITH AND LOVE ALWAYS. I don’t have delusions that faith in and love for a higher power with lack of effort or common sense on my part will solve all problems. I also know that some people shouldn’t be trusted. However, neither believing in something bigger than me nor maintaining that (most) people are inherently good has ever steered me wrong.

Happy New Year, y’all. Time to tackle what’s eating at all of us.

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