Trip Of A Lifetime




Sweden is saving my soul. I haven’t written much about the country – my impressions, discoveries, favorites – because, for the past six weeks, she and I have had a really intense relationship. Our conversations haven’t focused much on design, politics, the beauty of the Swedish language, etc.

See, I got today that I didn’t come to Sweden to see Sweden. And I didn’t know when I made my decision to come to Sweden that I wasn’t coming for that. Sure, I wanted different, change, the chance to grow but I thought that included donning my fanny pack, accessing my English to Swedish translation app (my imaginary translation app because I still haven’t downloaded one), and flooding social media with thousands of pictures of quaintness and ancestry (I just checked Instagram and I’m at less than 100 pictures of anything having to do with Sweden).

I got today that I came to Sweden to save myself much more than I expected. I came to Sweden to discover that I’m worth saving, I’m worth loving…I’m worth something.

I came to Sweden to grieve so that I could grow.

Tomorrow marks the half way point of my stay in Åstorp. It’s Christmas week. It’s beautiful here and it’s everything I hoped it would be — elegant, charming, simple, stylish, cozy. This week, I’m going to soak Sweden in. I’m headed north to a town an hour outside Gothenburg to celebrate the holiday. Consider yourself warned: pictures are coming.

The half-way point also marks the time to think about post-Sweden, future plans, what’s possible for a future created with a perspective of worth. Strategizing a plan that will actualize into something completely different than intended.

Sweden is saving my soul. That’s what’s making this the trip of a lifetime.

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