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The Zoégas kaffe went above and beyond the call of duty waking me up this morning. While I was settling in for a day of writing – computer on lap, headphones thumpin’, mug ‘o joe making its way to my lips – I spilled hot liquid down my shirt. I spewed dirty expletives in English (99%) and Swedish (1%) as I ran to the kitchen, seeking comfort in anything cold to reduce the throbbing of my chest. Pressing a wet towel against my bare skin, I started singing Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.

The Rebecca Emily of my brain muttered: “You’re an odd duck, sister.”

The Bek of my brain fiercely retorted: “Card carrying member and proud of it, asshole.”

I enjoy carrying the card, being president of the club, the loudest singer in the choir. I embrace getting along but not entirely fitting in. I get off on exploring unchartered terrain and devouring new food for the soul.

If you do as well, wanna hang? Please join eatingatme’s tribe on some or all things social media (links below or alongside this post), and sign up to receive brand spankin’ new blog content through WordPress or email delivery (scroll down just a hair to do so). I’d rather walk this road with others and share killer mealtime conversation than listen to myself sing Def Leppard.



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