What a difference five months makes.

I booked my ticket to Åstorp, Sweden (by way of Copenhagen, Denmark) yesterday. The aforementioned move is happening.

To define “move” as it relates to me, currently:

I’m on the move.

I’m in movement.

I’m orchestrating moving parts.

Going to Sweden is a move.

I can’t say for certain that it’s THE move.

Five months ago I declared “I’m moving to Sweden” and, with every molecule of my being, I’ve worked towards making this so. A plane ticket is purchased; a room in my friend’s lovely home awaits my arrival. I’m closing my 13-year chapter on San Diego, California.

I’ve committed to three months in country. Come February, when those pesky government regulations turn a perfectly pleasant exploration in to an international incident, it’ll be off to…

Somewhere. Anywhere.

What a difference three months will make.

But for now…for today…what’s it like living life on my terms and taking this move on?

It’s a fuck ton of content for eatingatme.

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