I’ve been reviewing past posts for an upcoming project and there’s a few of which I’m particularly fond. It’s helpful for me to see how my definition of food, and the direction of this blog, have shifted over the past three years.

Don’t Call It A Comeback: My inaugural post. It still holds up, and confirms that as life has ebbed and flowed, I’ve continued to maintain focus on the heartbeat of eatingatme. This piece also magnifies that as I’ve grown older, my search to understand what feeds me has broadened beyond my meat and veggies.

Michael Speaking: A memorial for my grandfather, it’s a piece of writing of which I’m very proud.

God’s Best Work: My best piece of writing on eatingatme to date.

Beki, What Would You Like For Dinner?: Funny and popular.

Everything else in between these posts and my most recent are, well, meh (there’s a few exceptions, I guess).

Happy to be back in the game. Chat soon.

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