December 22, 2014

Today’s Facebook post:

“Step 356:
In the midst of writing my pedestrian ‘to do’ list and crazy, fancy, big idea list, I realized that there are people, places, and things that I’ve outgrown, and that feels really terrific.”

In moments of self-doubt, I should remember the wisdom of the old adage “This too shall pass.” When clarity, fire, and certainty occur, I’m shocked as if this trifecta has never happened to me before. Then I pause to chuckle: life ebbs and flows, and I continually forget this. I forget that the point is to walk through the fire towards clarity to achieve certainty. Don’t be surprised, Bek, when you arrive at your destination (or something better) if you just keep going.

I’ve “outgrown” so many times in my life, and looking back, the feeling of being a bigger size is invigorating. When caught up in the muck of 2014 I’ve had my moments when I thought nothing was accomplished and that growth didn’t occur. But after composing lists to sort my thoughts, I now have hard evidence that I’ve advanced well beyond the meh I was a year ago.

1. I speak up and out.

2. I choose my mood as opposed to allow my environment to make that decision.

3. I live in a bright, happy environment that provides inspiration.

4. I care.

5. I apologize when appropriate.

More to come.

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