This is Basil (pronounced bae-zil, like the herb, not a British septuagenarian). Technically, she’s Chef’s dog. I consider her, however, my four-legged guru.

Basil look up

Creating content for eatingatme is moving along at a standard “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing” pace. In the midst of the glorious and the arduous, I take breaks. During those breaks I eat, drink, nap, accompanied 95% of the time by Basil.

I wasn’t really a dog fan growing up; I preferred the independent, cynical demeanor of cats (RIP Lucy). But in January 2011, Chef came home with Basil, and as a result, I started feeling again.

I’ll save my tale of my global warming for another post. My goal here is to advocate for finding that person, place, or thing (being) that brings (almost) nothing but unadulterated happiness to your day and love it, appreciate it, hang out a lot. For me, it’s this damn dog.

I think I can...

Basil helps me think. I’m often waylaid from intellectual progress by emotional shenanigans and this beast has a way of calming me down. Maybe her insistence for playing ball – which has me mildly concerned because her obsession is psychotic – creates the distraction necessary to break my cycle of psychosis. Nice Jedi mind trick, kid.

Basil also provides valuable insight into my aggregation of food (as defined here). She’s a healthy eater and, like any dog, does her fair share of begging. Enjoying a meal at home comes with the price of a puppy at your feet. But I’ve learned from her begging that Basil just doesn’t want to miss out on a darn scrap of anything; she wants it all, to experience it all. Carpe diem. That’s something to ponder.

Basil tongue

I love this little thing more and more each day and as a result, I’m obsessed with most dogs. If you pass me on the street with man’s best friend, most likely I’ll stop to say hello, not to you. Basil hasn’t really fine-tuned my social skills with other humans, but at least I’ve come back to acknowledging that there’s a world far bigger than myself out there and at the heart of it is unconditional love.

(Thanks to Suzanne Hansen Ofeldt / SheWanders Photography for capturing Basil’s moods o’ plenty.)

2 thoughts on “Basil

  1. I really love the voice you give to your writing. It’s personal, animated and filled with such charm. Basil, especially the pup, and sometimes the herb, are such lovely muses!

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