After 10 years of being my own boss, I now breathe someone else’s vision. Gotta say, I find the air refreshing.


If you think entrepreneurship is utopic, you’re an idiot. Go smooch your unicorn.

If you have a pulse and common sense, you know that being a small business owner creates faith-testing, soul-wrenching, brain-frying exhaustion, especially in 2013 (I’ll leave my economic and political commentary in Pandora’s box for now…which is red, hot pink, and orange with a unicorn horn, by the way).

You know the blah, blah about Chef and I having our event production company, deciding it best to temporarily press pause and follow our own professional pursuits, working elsewhere to make ends meet, yada, yada. My strong suit through the launch of that course was not in earning an income that saved my ass, but avoiding commitment to another entity because “I just wasn’t ready”. Yes, it was a major challenge to accept that change would be good. Yes, it tested me completely because I felt feelings of failure, anger, sadness, and loss.

But then, one day, I became a foodie. Something shifted.

Some friendly, fun acquaintances with whom I’d worked previously were in need of a catering sales and marketing manager, and I well, you know…I needed an effin’ life. We all thought that this could work in everyone’s favor.

I was nervous, nauseous, ready to run after the first month. I hadn’t worked with a large team in a decade. This was a close-knit group with lots of history.

But it was about the conversation of food, the culture of food, the necessity of food in daily life (and the gravitas of that) that fed me. The buzz and support of this mission has kept me showing up every day for nearly eight months. And through this conversation I have grown my voice, which was a weed struggling for some sun.

I’ve always been a foodie, but having to make that mean something beyond my narcissistic debauchery has yanked me up and out. I have fire in my belly again, and a swagger to my step.

Food once again saves the day. When will I learn?

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