Happy Birthday, E.

In 1998, I met a gal who I knew would be my forever friend. Our shared love of music, sarcasm, and kindly asking others to donate the equivalent of a small country’s annual budget to arts organizations made her my grad school bestie.

Happy birthday, E. Thank you for expertly guiding me away from embarrassment and ridicule by sharing your intelligence and talent with me and this blog. YOU ARE AN AMAZING FORCE IN THIS WORLD.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, E.

  1. Well crap. How is it that it took me a whole month to see this post? Have corrected that by signing up for updates to the blog, which obviously I should have done from the start. #friendfail

    Moving on. Fifteen years we’ve been friends! Oh how I wish you were still on the east coast. And something tells me the east coast misses you too. You are a New York/Philly/DC gal at heart, but that’s why San Diego is now feeling a little bit cooler, tougher, spunkier, and funkier.

    Keep on spinnin’ those tunes, DJ Mixmaster Bek. Love ya.

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