One Year Ago Today…

…I launched eatingatme.

Here’s to a second year filled with more consistent posting.

In fact, I’d appreciate your assistance with a future post. Answer me these, please:

1. What food/beverage (or both) do you turn to for therapy?

2. For what is it providing therapy?

3. Where do you enjoy eating/drinking it most?

Not down with sharing your answer in the comments section? Feel free to reach me directly at No identities will be revealed, y’all, and you won’t be in this alone; I’m going to out myself big time on some highly embarrassing food therapy I practice regularly.

Thanks a bunch! Happy February 9th.

15 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today…

  1. my secret guilty pleasure is hot black tea with lots of raw sugar dumped in it. by lots i mean up to two full tablespoons. that’s a lot of sugar, and i’ll consume several cups of this sweetened tea throughout the day. the sugar and the caffeine provide me with energy when i’m groggy in the morning or sleepy in the afternoon, and the heat fills me with a sense of comfort and warmth since i am always cold for some stupid reason. i feel guilty about this habit because i know sugar is BAD and we’re all supposed to be limiting our sugar intake to ward off obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc.
    oh well. nobody’s perfect i guess!

  2. I most enjoy a salty, crunchy snack preferably potato chips. Ideally, a good french onion dip (bison or helluva) would accompany the chips. This provides therapy for stress or a “bad” day.Best place for me to enjoy is in a comfy chair watching a tv program that “I” enjoy. This all started years ago during the children’s nap times when I would de-stress watching “All My Children” and sometimes enjoying this very unhealthy treat Unfortunately All MY Kids is off the air but the same snack still stays around. Bad news is sometimes I’m more stressed after my snacking because I either went off my healthy eating program or thinking of the one I should be following! kh

    1. {tear!} You had me at Bison Chip Dip and All My Children. I wonder if we’re related…you may even be my godmother. 😉

      Thank you so much for your comment! xo!

  3. Food & drink can both be therapy for me, but stress, anxiety and general grumpiness turns me to alcohol. General run of the mill work grumpiness turns me to beer or wine, real stress to booze…you’ll know it’s bad when I’m drinking bourbon straight. That’s not to say I don’t drink bourbon straight for pleasure, but it really cuts the edge when the stress is piled on.

    A nice meal or well made cocktail are more pleasurable and fun, than therapy. They can help during a good therapy session, but they are not the first ones invited to the party.

    Therapy is best at home, once a session has started, if dance therapy is needed, I can boogie without finger pointing and laughing?

  4. My all time favorite “cheat” is nachos with lots of cheese! Usually I blame it on PMS but the reality is it tastes soooo good. Mostly I eat this snack when the kids are napping:)

  5. 1. Hot tea or hot chocolate. I think drinking something that you can’t gulp down quickly (unless burning your tongue turns you on) forces you to slow down, stop, be mindful. The drink itself is soothing, but the act of drinking it is what actual has the calming effect, for me anyway.

    2. Nothing, and everything.

    3. On my sofa, preferably while wearing pajamas.

  6. 1. Lipton’s cup o’noodle soup with pasting thrown in and a scrambled egg, ‘finished’ with a big heaping of parmesan cheese.

    2. My mom would make this for me any time I was sick growing up – always made me feel loved and taken care of.

    3. I make it for myself now when I’m not feeling well or if I’ve just had a no good/awful/very bad day. Same as Em – on my sofa in my jammers.

  7. As I’m sure you allready know I turn to white zinfandel (Beringer if I can be picky) and popcorn when life hands me another crappy boyfriend or selfcentered friend (coworker/boss) And my favorite place to selfdestruct is under a blanket on the sofa or on the biggest most lit up dancefloor I can find. Care to join me??

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