This Stuff(ing) Writes Itself

Not really because if that were the case, my most recent post wouldn’t be from March 2012.


Hello again and a very happy Thanksgiving. Today is my favorite holiday (if I ignore the whole robbing Native Americans of their land thing) because:

  1. The food is insane;
  2. My day starts with a parade;
  3. I spend quality drinking time with family and friends;
  4. The day is focused on the moment, the blessings of now, the pause for appreciation.

The preparation for Thanksgiving really jazzes me up as well. Nostalgia hits me like an adrenaline jolt while I flip through my mother and grandmother’s cookbooks (and then I feel the shame of disappointment because I know they know I’m not the one doing the cooking). I have an excuse to set a large, formal dinner table. For God’s sake, I glittered gourds this year.

This year, however, my thanks are being given up a few more floors than years past and reaching out wider. Got my groove back this year, y’all, and it has everything to do with the generosity of others. I’m fed, rested, and ready.

So today I’m thankful for unconditional love, patience, clarity, and inspiration. This is the stuffing I needed for what was eating at me.

4 thoughts on “This Stuff(ing) Writes Itself

  1. Love it! And… I can’t imagine anyone who loves you being disappointed in you for not cooking – my guess is they appreciate the fact that you remember them and the wonderful times you had with them cooking.

    I don’t cook either and, frankly, that’s out of love for the taste buds of others. Besides, you make glittering gourds look easy. Go on, girl!

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